Welcome to the Mint, where your life revolves around currency. Unfortunately we're a bit understaffed right now, so it's all up to you to make sure that things run smoothly (at least for as long as you can). Keep up the production of coins while protecting the machines (and yourself) from crazy people that break in and try to destroy everything.

Now recently updated to improve movement and clarity.

A control list and tutorial are available in-game, but some supplementary commands are:

  • Reset high score: Delete + S
  • Toggle text / classic display mode: T

Created mainly using Unity 2018.3.11 and Krita 4. Audacity, Pro Tools SE, and BFXR for the sounds and music.


Windows 64 Bit (190803) 32 MB
Linux 64 Bit (190803) 35 MB
MacOS (190803) 33 MB

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