A game originally created during a local game jam, where the theme was "Extreme Sports."

This is a multiplayer game in which each player controls two hockey dudes who try to shoot a giant puck into a small goal. There are barely any rules, except whoever gets the most points wins.

Also you get points by knocking out your opponents, either with the puck or by straight up attacking or ramming them.

This project was originally assembled in about a day and a half, and has since been updated with additional features (mainly improvements to the UI and menu screen). Don't worry, the physics are still definitely sorta broken.

Here are the controls (note that Xbox layout controllers on Windows work best):

Move 1WASDLeft Stick
(X & Y Axes)
Sprint 1Left ShiftA or L Stick Click
(Button 1 or 9)
Shoot 1Tab
L Ctrl
B or L Bumper
(Button 2 or 5)
Move 2ArrowsRight Stick
(4th & 5th Axes)
Sprint 2Right ShiftA or R Stick Click
(Button 1 or 10)
Shoot 2Enter
R Ctrl
B or R Bumper
(Button 2 or 6)

Pressing Control-R or Control-Q while in-game quits to the main menu on standalone builds.

Check out the Game Jolt page here!


Version 190601 (Windows 64-bit) 18 MB
Version 190601 (Linux 64-bit) 21 MB
Version 190601 (Mac) 19 MB
Version 190206 (Windows) 18 MB

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